Stacey Astley-Clark
Stacey is a reformed advertising professional who helped launched Australia’s first Graduate Certificate in Not-for-Profit management. She then worked as a marketing consultant in the UK, helping charities to tell their stories and showcase their impact. Nothing inspires Stacey more than the passion and dedication of fundraisers and she loves exploring innovative ways to help them shine. Stacey joined the Blackbaud family in March 2016 and leads the marketing team.
Megan Chapman
Megan joined the marketing team at Blackbaud Pacific in February 2012. She has been coordinating their email communications for the last 18 month and has led the creation and launch of the new email strategy for Blackbaud in 2013. Megan also headed the expansion of Blackbaud’s social media presence across various platforms over the last year. Megan moved from the US in 2011 where she previously worked in education and sales.
Genn Stephen
Genn Stephen is a Solutions Engineer for Blackbaud Pacific. Before relocating to New Zealand, she was a Raiser’s Edge “Super User” at The University of Cambridge providing high level reporting, cross-office training, custom internal solutions and leading data integration projects. She has also been on the client side of database migrations and therefore has an in-depth, personal understanding of the challenges that they can involve and how to face them.
Tom Dickson
Tom joined Blackbaud in January of 2015. He has a passion for philanthropy having been involved with many charities throughout his career. Tom is primarily responsible for transitioning existing Raiser’s Edge customers to our next generation platform, Raiser’s Edge NXT.
Mark Scott
Mark joined the Blackbaud team in 2014 and has a dual Masters Degree in Public Affairs and Information Science with 5 years experience as IT Director for the Marion Superior Court, 1 year as Project Manager for the Indiana Supreme Court, 3 years as a Consultant (database use, setup, configuration, process review/redesign). Mark helps Blackbaud Customers map their processes to their database, refine their processes or use of the database or innovate the way they utilize the existing database’s functionality.
Amie Hamling
Amie joined the marketing team at Blackbaud Pacific in March 2015. She is behind Blackbaud Pacific’s social media management, strategy and advertising. Prior to joining Blackbaud, Amie worked in digital teams at Amnesty International and GetUp.
Christian Heckenberg
Christian is the Charity Development Manager for small to medium charities. He joins Blackbaud with 10 years of customer development experience within the software industry, working for both large and small organisations. Drawing from his experiences working with Public and Private sector customers, Christian understands organisation’s current needs and helps develop a solution to ensure future fundraising success.