Technology: Empowered or Overwhelmed?

Do you feel empowered or overwhelmed by the digital revolution?

Every week we hear about the incredible achievements of charities using online marketing. #nomakeupselfie raised $8million for Cancer Council in its first week and train accidents in Melbourne fell 30% after the Dumb Ways to Die Youtube video.

All great if you have a dedicated digital marketing team & ample budget, but what about the majority of NFPs who barely have the time to read an online blog, let alone launch a major campaign?

It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed, particularly when the things we’ve been doing successfully for so long, cease to be effective.  We speak to fundraisers every week, who just feel lost in the complexity…& it’s easy to see why.

The speed of technological change has created the illusion that digital marketing is some kind of ‘dark art’ that must only be approached with the help of a specialist (& costly) agency.

Yet, the truth is, there’s SO much you can do in-house, for free & without the need for any magic skills.

Did you know?

Free advertising with Google
As a charity, you could get US$10,000 per month of free Google advertising with Google Ad Grants. All you have to do to apply is meet the following criteria: be a registered charity in Australia, acknowledge and agree to Google’s required certifications around nondiscriminiation and donation receipt and use, and currently have a live website with substantial content.

Focus on visitors to your website
Every 100 visitors to your website, visitors raises an average of $612. Making sure each visitors experience is great is the key to any successful fundraising campaign.

Post for Maximum Impact
Google has tools that can inform you when to publish media releases for maximum impact. Take out the guess work of making sure your being seen for free!

These tips were shared by Digital Httpster & founder of KnectSteven Christison. 

Steven will be demystifying the digital world & helping organisations do more, with less in his Digital Marketing Tips and Tools for Charities workshop at bbcon this August. Learn more about this workshop here.

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