Why Warren Buffett thinks you should attend bbcon


bbcon is changing the world.

Sounds a bit dramatic, right?  Maybe – but perhaps it’s not all that far-fetched when you consider what bbcon is all about.

Our office is full of former fundraisers who know only too well that, with a target hanging over us and our head in a supporter database, it’s easy to lose track of what we’re all working towards – which is changing lives. As clichéd as it sounds that really is what all of this journey mapping, tin rattling, report running boils down to.

It’s a unique situation that only a few professions can lay claim to, but fundraisers really DO change lives.

And so it’s really important that as fundraisers, we don’t lose our mojos. It’s that crusading spirit and tireless passion that creates the real magic.

Despite working for a technology company that boasts some pretty impressive impact stories when it comes to helping charities grow their revenue, I know full well that Blackbaud’s products are only as powerful as the people they serve. Even in the midst of the data revolution, I’m firmly of the belief that technology enables rather than replaces the greatness of people.

And that’s what inspires me so much about our sector.  It’s people working for the benefit of other people…& nothing is more powerful than that.

One of the greatest challenges facing us all today, is trying to extract ourselves from the hamster wheel. It’s way too easy to spend all our time working ‘in’ our fundraising plans we forget to work ‘on’ them…& also on ourselves.

The famous business magnate and philanthropist, Warren Buffett famously blocks out 80% of his calendar every week, just to ‘think’.  While that’s not realistic for most, it’s moments like these, when we create space to breathe and see things from a different perspective that the ‘aha’ moments occur and we suddenly become better at doing what we’re doing without even really trying.

It’s not a phenomenon I fully understand, but it’s something I’ve seen happen time and time again, in the corporate world, in the Not for Profit world, even in the research lab.

So I personally invite you to treat yourself to 2 days out of the daily grind, to immerse yourself in the greatness of our incredible sector, to connect and share ideas with other pioneering fundraisers and gain inspiration from some truly remarkable people at this year’s bbcon Fundraising conference.

Oh, and you might just win $10K.

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